Online Mock Test
Online Mock Test
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Why Rabbit?

you may ask.

The answer – “Why not when it’s so awesome! and Free!”
Here are a few things about Rabbitprep to explain why it is unlike any another
education and competitive exam preparation website and what makes it awesome

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Community Driven

It is driven by the community! Every member provides valuable contribution (in the form of test questions or the answers or both) t o the platform so that other members are benefited from it.

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Free Online Test Series


“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” – they say. Rabbit offers no free lunch either, but it does provide its community access to its practice problems repository for FREE.

Free Online Test Series


Rabbit’s resources attract new members every single day. These members make contributions and widen the size and scope of it's practice problem repository.

Online Mock Test

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Please write to us with any suggestions, complains or requests. We will get back to you within 48 hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's completely free, No hidden cost. Just sign up and access all the contents for free, forever
Yes, Absolutely. Mock tests are essential for any exam preparation. We have provided some practice tests, both full length and topic wise. However we firmly believe, you shouldn't restrict yourself. Rabbit is the first platform that lets you create mocktest with all possible customization. You can choose questions from any topic, choose number of question or set custom time.
You do not need to sign up to access the practice problems. However we ask you to sign up so that you can track your progress in dashboard. You also get relevant contents when you have indicated your exam focus. You also need to be signed in to be able take mock tests.