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Posted By : Wixnix , on 05 Aug, 2022

Over the past years, there have been a lot of debates among students and teachers regarding the best study materials to crack CAT 2022. But no material is universally best for every student as everyone has a unique aptitude, different learning speed, and level of basic and advanced knowledge.

In this blog, you will get to know about some of the most helpful study material available in the market, categorized into basic and advanced groups.

Assuming that you are well aware of all the basic information like the exam pattern, the syllabus, important chapters, and their weightage, etc, you might know that the syllabus contains three parts i.e -

  1. Verbal ability and reading comprehension (VARC),
  2. Data interpretation and Logical reasoning (DI LR),
  3. Quantitative aptitude (QA).
Among them, all three parts carry almost equal weightage, therefore every topic is equally important.

How to prepare VARC:

There is no particular syllabus for VARC. As the name suggests, this part is all about testing your verbal ability and comprehension reading skills. Therefore it is suggested to read the comprehensions mindfully as much as possible, starting from your favorite genres to shifting to the other genres that do not interest you very much.

You can read many topics like fiction, non-fiction, politics, history, economics, literature, or anything you want because the ultimate goal is to be an expert in mindful reading. Why mindfulness? Because reading bluntly will not make you a master reader, rather it will passively waste your time a lot. You can also add current affairs to your reading list, this will enhance your general knowledge and provide you with the vocabulary of many genres in a single package.

How to prepare DI LR:

Data interpretation and logical reasoning is a game-changer in this exam. It is all about statistics, data, graphs, coding-decoding, puzzles, etc. the only way to master this subject is to practice, practice and practice Because practice brings perfection and perfection brings excellence.

You can use many books of different difficulty levels available in the market, like the LR and DI books of Arun Sharma, K. Sinha Nishit, etc. But here is the issue, these books are so thick and heavy that it is not very much worth it to carry the whole book for learning one chapter at a time. Also, these books come at a high price which is not very affordable for many common students.

Here comes the Rabbit preparation partner to the rescue. Here, you can get a galaxy full of questions and CAT 2022 mock tests for absolutely free! You can personalize mock tests as per your requirements and also give already made mock tests as you wish. You can also analyze your performance at the end of the day to know your progress.

How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude:

Quantum aptitude is full of mathematics in classes 8 to 12. Here you will get to solve arithmetics, geometry, algebra, NT & modern maths. Among these 4 parts, the arithmetic part is very important. The books mentioned below will give you a clear understanding of what books to choose based on your level of knowledge in this subject.

  1. If you are starting from scratch and want to know the basics of all stuff then NCERT books are the best material you can use because it contains all the basic concepts that you need and it also comes in very simple language so you will face no language difficulty while encountering these sets of books.
  2. If you are done with the basic stuff then books like R.S Agarwal will help you to shift from the beginner level to the intermediary level. But you need to keep in mind that solving the NCERTs and R.S Agarwal is not enough to crack the quantitative portion of the CAT exam. Though this book is not necessary for CAT’s preparation, it is still recommended to solve these books first before jumping to the next difficulty level (if you have plenty of time) so that you easily get a strong momentum and get habituated to the gradual rise in the difficulty levels.
  3. The next recommendations are the books on quantitative aptitude that come with a total of 3 difficulty levels written by the author Arun Sharma. As you may know that it was specially written for cat aspirants. You can use these books to be an advanced-level aspirant over time. You can also add a digital copy of your desired book in the Rabbit app for absolutely free and then you can have access to all the questions of that book at your fingertips.
Apart from all these books, the most universally important material for not just the CAT exam but all exams is the previous year's question papers. This will help you to know the difficulty level of the paper based on your aptitude. It will also give you a clear understanding of the important chapters and their important topics, and if you analyze it well, then chances are that you can crack the exam on your very first attempt.

Summing up:

Rabbit is a preparational tool for the digital era. It is helpful for many aspirants and the best thing about this app is that it is not just made for the CAT aspirants but it is also helpful for the teachers and the aspirants appearing for any other exam too.

Here, you get a community full of dedicated aspirants like you. You can track your progress, ask any doubts and get answers easily. The list of features is so long that it is very hard to mention everything. And most importantly, all of this package comes completely free which makes it worth trying once.

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