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Posted By : Wixnix , on 05 Aug, 2022

Preparing for CAT is no less than a journey and the destination of this journey is of course your favorite B-school. But this journey is not the same for everyone, for some aspirants, CAT may be 2 months away but for others, the distance may also be two years long. You need to find out which one are you.

As you might know, the CAT exam is not like other exams like JEE, NEET, or UPSC where if you want to score top marks then you have to know everything. In fact, it is an exam where you can score 99%ile with only knowing about 60%-70% of the syllabus. Because CAT is not about testing what you know, rather it's about testing how better you know about what you know. This exam is all about testing your aptitude and very little about testing your knowledge.

Many teachers say that one can easily crack CAT by just preparing for 6 months, some also say that 3 months is enough to prepare for it and score 95%ile but if you truly want to know how much time you need to crack CAT then the best way to find the answer is to ask yourself with the help of a pen and paper by answering these two simple questions mentioned below:

How much time can I steal from my packed schedule daily to prepare for CAT?

According to the expert teachers, a fresher aspirant only needs around 300 - 350. hours to clear the full syllabus of the exam. But clearing just the syllabus is not enough, one also needs to revise and practice the stuff that he/she has learned. Therefore the revisions, practices, and mocks will need an extra 150- 200 hours. This sums up to a total of 450- 550 hours. Now ask yourself this question, how many months will it cost me to complete my 500 hours of preparation?

The more time you can invest daily, the fewer days you will end up needing to complete your preparation. For example, if you can invest 2 hours of dedication daily then you may need around 250 days or 8 months to complete your prep. If you are able to invest 3 hours daily then you roughly need around 5 and a half months to complete your preparation. These 3 hours daily may also include your 1-2 hours of coaching and the rest for your self-study.

Due to some reasons, if I have to change my schedule then will I be able to have an adaptive approach?

Many times, while creating a habit of studying for 2-3 hours a day, it becomes very challenging to resist a few things over studying. Sometimes, this urge successfully breaks our chain of consistency and we eventually lose our motivation to prepare for the exam. Therefore one must have an adaptive approach so that the preparation never gets interrupted.

When you have done the math and know the estimated answer, it is important to have a correct strategy for your preparation. In those 200 hours of practice and mocks, revision is indeed very important because it brings accuracy and clarity to your answers, but it is also very important to have a good writing speed because, in a nutshell, you are preparing for 500 hours only to write non-stop in the exam of those 2 precious hours. So you have to strengthen your execution part to be the winner.

According to the math, your accuracy should be above 80% and you must not take more than 2-3 minutes to solve a question if you want to score 95%ile-99%ile. So, in those 200 hours, you have to dedicate yourself to increase both your speed and accuracy to gain the top %ile.

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