How tough is CAT?

Posted By : Udita , on 23 Nov, 2022

How tough is CAT Exam? The most common question asked by aspirants on CAT is “How tough is CAT exam?” And the simplest answer that can be given to this question is that it all depends on how you approach the syllabus and how well you have prepared a perfect study plan for yourself. To better understand whether CAT Exam is tough or not, it is a must for the candidates to understand the CAT exam pattern and syllabus. It’s vital for the candidates to get comfortable with the exam pattern as they would be required to solve multiple questions in a limited time. Also given the fact that the competition for the seats is very high, CAT becomes tough to crack. But if you are prepared well, then CAT Exam is not too tough to crack. Take help from Rabbit at to make a perfect study plan for your upcoming Common Admission Test, to get into your dream IIM college.

Major Facts that Make CAT Exam Tough

Although every exam can be cracked with some great dedication, the below given points can be overviewed as the criteria’s that make CAT Exam Tough.

  • Difficult Questions:
  • It is evident that CAT exam moderately challenging over the years. The questions are trickier and require more practice as aspirants need to solve these questions in a limited time slot. Hence the candidates are required to study strategically.

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  • Vast Syllabus:
  • CAT Exam has no definite syllabus and the topics covered in the exam are enormous.

    Sectional analysis:

    1. Verbal Ability
    2. Difficulty level of the VARC section = Moderate to high difficulty. Major topics covered in the VARC section are:
      Reading Comprehension Passages Para-Jumbles and Para-Summary Sentence Completion and Correction
      Odd Sentences Fill in the Blanks Word Usage (Vocabulary)
    3. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
    4. Difficulty level of DILR = Moderate to high difficulty. Major topics included in this section are:
      Seating Arrangement and Data Arrangement Blood Relations Syllogisms and Venn Diagrams Clocks & Calendars
      Puzzles Tables and Case lets Data Sufficiency Assumption and Binary Logic and Graphs Related
    5. Quantitative Ability
    6. The Quant section = Moderate difficult The questions come from a variety of topics such as:
      Number System Basic Arithmetic Probability Profit and loss and Discounts Permutation & Combination Algebra
      Geometry & Mensuration Time, Speed, and Distance Simple Interest and Compound Interest Time and Work Trigonometry, Logarithms, and Sets
  • Unavoidable Competition:
  • Approximately 2 Lakhs students appear in CAT exam every year, raising the competition level extremely high and making the exam hard to crack. Also, most of the top IIMs want a high cut off for the selection of candidates for final admission which requires lot of preparation from the aspirant’s side.
  • Limited Time for Exam
  • Given the fact that the students appearing for CAT have to solve exam questions in a limited time slot, it becomes quite difficult for many students to cope up with the question solving while also managing time. Aspirants also need to allot proper time for every section as to solve as many questions as possible, as many sections are tricky and acquire more thinking time. It’s never too late to test yourself. Practice questions at Unpredictable One should not forget the fact that CAT has always been an unexpected test, and its difficulty can’t be determined as mentioned before that the exam has no particular syllabus. Its important to remember that the difficulty of questions from each section varies every year and is also quite unpredictable.
  • Pressure
  • Undeniably, CAT aspirants need to undergo a lot of pressure. It indeed is difficult to cope up with so such stress of completion of the vast syllabus, exam pattern and acing the exam itself. Hence, its essential for students aspiring for IIM to have dedication and a proper study plan to help them with any problem.

Easiest Tips to Clear Upcoming CAT Exam

  1. Attempt rate:
  2. CAT is designed in a way where you don’t have to answer every question, as you will be analysed based on your strategies on how you will answer the questions. So, the students need not be afraid of the difficulty of the questions, but if you thrive for 99 percentiles then it’s vital for you to answers that fall on your disadvantageous or hard side. Only solve questions that are solvable as there is a negative marking side that can bring down your overall performance.
  3. Speed:
  4. Speed is the key to ace this exam. Choose the questions you can solve and try to optimize your time properly for your answers. Try to solve as many mocks and questions possible, maybe almost once every two days to get a hang of the speed in solving questions.
  5. Accuracy:
  6. An absolute accuracy is very important in CAT. You need to remember that the exam has a negative marking for every wrong question which might affect your percentile. Make sure to not attempt any question that you are not sure of.


Overall, CAT has a moderate difficulty level, but everything is easy if you start your preparation on time and dedicate some of your everyday time on studying. The question “How tough is CAT?” pops in every student’s head, but its important to take the pressure easily and be confident in your hard work. Rabbit brings to you the best mock tests and questions for free to practice for your final battle at the exam hall. Join discussion at Rabbit to solve any of your queries at:

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