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The Common Admission Test, or CAT, is one of the most popular management entrance exams in India. People who want to take this entrance exam should look at the best CAT books. Top CAT scorers from the year before thinking that good study materials and books are important tools that help them do well on the test.


MBA aspirants are often confused about which CAT preparation books would be best for passing the exams. There are a lot of different kinds of books to choose from. But MBA hopefuls need to know that it's not the books they choose to talk about that matter, but how they talk about them.

All of the books on the market have similar study material, but what matters is what you do with it. So, here is a list of books for each section that can help you get ready for the tests faster and do well.

Aspirants now need to figure out where they are in their preparations, which CAT study materials work best for them, and how to prepare for the test based on this information.

We've put the best books for studying for the CAT 2022 exam in each section of this page to help people choose the right ones. IIM Bangalore will give the CAT 2022 three times on November 27, 2022. A good score on the CAT will help applicants get into one of India's best B schools. Scroll down to see a list of the best books to study for the CAT 2022 test.

Things to think about when choosing books to study for the CAT Exam

There are a lot of books and other materials you can use to prepare for the CAT, but your success will depend on how well you choose your books, how much you practice, and how well you are coached and guided by mentors. Before picking the right books, candidates need to think about a number of things.

Aspirants should always read the most recent editions of books to get the most up-to-date information. The best books are always written in plain, easy-to-understand language. The most recent editions of the books have updates on the most recent topics and questions based on the trends from the previous year's papers. Check that the book has high-quality content, that it covers all topics, and that it has all the shortcuts and strategies that will save you time.

Before buying a book or deciding which book is best, a candidate should look at it closely to see if it has to practice questions with different levels of difficulty.

Check to see if there are question papers from the last five years with answer keys and a large number of practice tests with detailed solutions.

Always ask top scorers or people in your peer group who have taken and passed the CAT exam what the best CAT books are. Mention the books that well-known writers or publications have put out. Buying books by well-known authors is always a good idea.

CAT Preparation Books to Ace Your Exams

Quantitative Aptitude CAT Books

  1. Quantitative Aptitude covers 22–24 math concepts. This section's numerical questions should be practiced and solved rapidly using shortcuts. CAT quantitative book suggestions:
  2. Arun Sharma's CAT Quantitative Aptitude Preparation: This TMH offering is a top numerical section prep book. The book covers most basic subjects with examples. This book is great for starting preparation because the activities are divided into three difficulty levels.
  3. CAT Quantitative Aptitude by Nishit K. Sinha This Pearson Education book covers multiple concept questions. Candidates can swiftly assess their preparation because the questions need in-depth topics. The book includes a CD with online tests.
  4. Abhijit Guha, Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive Examinations This TMH book simplifies most topics. Numerous questions and thorough solutions are topic-segregated.

CAT Verbal and Reading Prep Books

  1. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension tests English language skills, grammar, and vocabulary. Reading comprehension questions demand comprehensive comprehension. Candidates might prepare with these books.
  2. CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Preparation by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay | This TMH book helps candidates answer VAR and RC questions. Candidates learn tricks to answer diverse questions. For exam preparation, the book offers the current question pattern.
  3. R.S. Aggarwal, A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning, S. Chand Publications, This book uses basic language and explanations. Nearly every topic is covered with many sample questions to assist applicants to learn wisely using faster and shorter methods.
  4. Trishna's Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CAT and Other MBA Examinations by T.I.M.E teaches applicants how to solve questions faster and easier. Many successful applicants think the book's explanations and practice tests are the best. Pearson publishes.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning CAT Prep Books

  1. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning is a time-consuming yet easy-scoring CAT part. Candidates must answer questions faster. These books will assist candidates to study DI and LR.
  2. CAT Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation by Nishit K. Sinha This Pearson book covers advanced and basic DI and LR subjects. Solved examples and exercises help candidates learn and answer questions faster.
  3. Arun Sharma: CAT Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Preparation TMH magazine covers all themes with informative diagrams, flowcharts, and tables. DI and LR preparation books are also available.
  4. FAQs about CAT prep books

    Here are the most frequently asked questions about CAT Study Material 2022:

    Q1: Is it enough to study from recommended CAT books?
    Ans: No. People who want to take the CAT should even look at mock tests, sample papers, and old tests.

    Q2: Which book should be used to learn about English grammar?
    Answer: Wren and Martin are both great ways to improve your English grammar.

    Q.3: Do CAT preparation books have sample questions?
    Answer: The books that help people prepare for the CAT have sample questions that help people study well. You can use these sample questions to practice, and they are a great way to understand theorems and formulas.

    Q4: What are the best books to study for the CAT?
    Answer: The best books to prepare for the CAT are by Arun Sharma, Nishit K Sinha, Wren & Martin, and Word Power Made Easy.

    Q5: What is the date of the CAT 2022 test?
    Answer: CAT 2022 will be held on November 27, 2022, at IIM Bangalore.

    End Thoughts

    With these books, candidates can improve their preparation for the CAT Exam 2022 and get the scores they need to get into the best B-schools in the country. Applicants can also look at our blog and other resources to help them visualize and understand the ideas better.

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