Benefits of GRE Exam

Posted By : Udita , on 27 Nov, 2022

The Graduate Record Examination is known for the standardized test for master’s, doctoral, and fellowship programs at top universities in the USA and around the world. The results of the exam are also considered in the applications of the leading universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Europe. Around 1000 graduate schools accept GRE in the United States alone. The aspirants who are hoping to study aboard, can take this exam at any time of the year and send their best results to their selected universities or collages. Taking GRE gives students to acquire great skills and learn from multiple opportunities that might not be available to them in the country. Here are the five reasons to take GRE:
  1. High Acceptance Rate
  2. One can’t deny the fact the GRE comes with extensive benefits for graduate admissions. Accepted in over 94 countries, GRE helps students to get into over 1300 business institutions and other professional graduate programs. From top law schools to business schools in the United States accept the GRE for programs, including Harvard, Yale, etc. The acceptance rate of GRE provides aspirants to apply to a wide range of graduate programs and give time to think about their final program choice. GRE also gives students the benefit to apply to dual degree graduate and professional programs such as JD/MBA. Students thinking of pursuing master’s or doctorate degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, or English Literature can also take the GRE Subject examinations. Also, a good GRE can assure you with financial aid or scholarship. Take GRE tests at Rabbit to understand the exam better:

  3. A User-friendly Exam
  4. The GRE is one of the most user-friendly tests in the world because of these unique features. It allows students to skip, mark, review, and edit their answers on a computer-based test. Students can retry questions they had trouble answering the first time around. Students can also use the GRE Score select function to send only their top scores to prospective graduate programs. GRE general tests can be taken up to five times per year with a minimum gap of 21 days between two consecutive tests. This helps students to perform well in their tests. Furthermore, there is no upper age limit on the GRE. This means that anyone can take the GRE at any time in their lives.
  5. Compensatory Benefits
  6. The GRE exam pattern evaluates a candidate’s general ability and aptitude to complete a graduate program. In most graduate applications, GRE scores are given more than a 20% weighting. Various components of a complete graduate application for admission include undergraduate GPA, work experience, letters of recommendation, and so forth. GRE results provide you a different view on a candidate’s abilities. A good GRE score increases your chances of admission in the colleges of your choice.

  7. Benefits of GRE Score Reporting & Validity
  8. The validity of GRE score is for five years. This provides students with enough time to apply for graduate school admissions once they have taken the test. Students can view their rough score right after the exam and choose whether to transmit it to the authorized institutes or not. Also, GRE scores can be transmitted to several colleges for a small charge. The official GRE scores are available 10-15 days following the test date.
  9. Additional Advantages of GRE
  10. Performing well in GRE comes in with many additional advantages. Taking GRE aids not just helps students in establishing a great career but also a high GRE score can make your visa application easier to approve. While a poor GRE score may result in the denial of your student visa application. It also helps if an employer requests your score, the GRE’s organizing body, ETS (Educational Testing Services), will give your test scores to them, enhancing your chances of getting hired. It is believed by many that GRE is not as tough as the GMAT or LSAT. Taking GRE can for sure help students aspiring to acquire more with open doors to umpteen opportunities. Related topics: GMAT/613af4ce8ec35c3f70607520

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