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Posted By : RIA , on 10 Sep, 2021

The GRE's quantitative reasoning portion is a fool-proof way of demonstrating you can handle graduate-level math and logic. Even if math isn't your strongest subject, you may still get a great GRE quantitative score if you follow a smart study strategy.

The Quantitative section of the GRE is very challenging, and there are no specific methods for prep that will guarantee an applicant achieve high GRE scores.

Some of the most frequently asked questions that bother test takers are: 'How do you move from a 160 to a 170 on the GRE quantitative section?' or 'How to improve your GRE verbal score in a week?'

In this article, we'll discuss how to go about GRE preparation quantitative and the different approaches you can take to better your quant score.

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How can I raise my GRE math score to 165?

The GRE test has two quantitative sections, each with 20 questions and a 35-minute time limit for completion. There are quant problems of all types of difficulty levels within the first quant section, from the easiest to the hardest. The difficulty level of the second quant part is determined by your performance on the first. Thus, you should be prepared for the GRE in a section-adaptive manner.

We all know that the GRE test has a calculated scoring algorithm, but no one except ETS knows how it works. Because the examination is adaptive by section rather than by individual question, you must answer as many questions accurately as possible in the first quant segment. This will not only raise your score but will also allow you to see more tough problems in the second quant part, increasing your chances of earning a high score.

There are two main types of errors candidates make:

  • Estimation Errors: When a candidate cannot understand the question thoroughly, they make these errors due to the calculation of unrequired items.
  • Theoretical Errors: These errors occur when a candidate is unable to grasp the fundamental.
To improve your GRE quant score, you must do the following:
  • Know your strong and weak points: Before you study, it will be helpful to assess your strengths and weaknesses. When preparing for a test, write down the kinds of errors you make on GRE practice test questions or your GRE mock test online. You can Log into Rabbit Prep to avail free online GRE practice test with a score. Maintaining vigilance: GRE is a challenging exam that requires you to have a thorough knowledge base. However, if the candidate doesn't have a very logical way of approaching the problem, they may fall for common mistakes and select the wrong option. Staying alert is one of the most efficient ways to improve your GRE quant score.

  • Make a GRE Quant Question Illustration: GRE geometry questions are constructed in such a way that you could use scratch paper to make quick visualizations and figure out the solutions

  • Restrict time on each question: It isn't easy to move on from a GRE quant question for which you can't find an answer, but keep in mind that each question in each section of the GRE quant is scored in the same way. Most students are unaware of this and waste time tackling tough GRE quantitative questions.

  • Attempt every Question: The values of all GRE questions are the same; you will not lose marks if you respond incorrectly. In short, if the GRE quant question is tough, use the elimination method to guess the solution. If you're lucky, you'll get it correctly the first time.

  • Mentally Factoring Multiples of Ten Using a Calculator: While practicing the GRE quant questions in the early stages of preparation, calculate the numbers without zeros and ease the number. Later add the zeros to the number to get its total value.

  • Double-check any numbers that aren't relevant: Many GRE quant questions require the candidate to solve irrational equations, such as multiplying or dividing square roots with the same number. It is always advisable to recheck answers in such circumstances.

  • Time Optimization: GRE quant preparation recommendations include sticking to a time limit of 35 minutes to complete 20 GRE quant questions, with each question taking 2 minutes to complete. Once you get the idea behind the concept, it will be easier for you to execute. Spending a total of 2 minutes on difficulty levels 4 and 5 is considered appropriate; if you need more time, use your intuition and mark that option for rechecking at the end.

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