How to start preparing for GRE?

Posted By : RIA , on 10 Sep, 2021

As we all know, GRE is a common academic requirement for Master or PhD programs in the USA. Many of us wish to go to the US for higher studies and are looking for ways to crack GRE Test. Did you know that, according to the ETS, GRE scores are one of the most widely used criteria for admission in graduate schools? So, if you want to do your Master's in the US, you should be well prepared for GRE Test.

Now that we know that the GRE scores are the most decisive factor in a student's admission. Thus, it is crucial to start GRE preparation in a transparent and data-driven way. In this article, we are going to review the most efficient way to prepare for GRE.

There is a plethora of online material, but most of it is vague and hardly helps in your preparation. Sometimes it isn't easy to narrow down the options. And once you do, it becomes even difficult to decide in what order will you take up each of them.

The Graduate Record Examinations are not specific to a particular academic field, but it is a test of abstract thinking, problem-solving, and critical analysis. GRE mock test online focuses on helping you maximize speed and accuracy in your study of a problem and presenting your solutions.

  1. Study a lot of non-fictions that is analytical: Reading material is crucial to your GRE test preparation. The GRE is a challenging exam; The best way to prepare for the GRE is by reading as much as possible. The time spent on GRE preparation will be wasted if you don't engage in analytical non-fiction. Research also shows that students who score in the top 10% on the GRE practice test verbal section are often philosophy majors who are well-acquainted with many types of narratives and academic writing. It's essential to learn the GRE practice test questions with material not directly related to your primary areas of interest. Reading diverse materials will help you familiarize yourself with a wide variety of texts. This awareness can help you become more skilled.

  2. Make a GRE study calendar to help you stay organized: Start your preparation early. That way, you will have enough time to do justice to the whole GRE prep. The amount of study time necessary for optimal GRE scores varies from person to person. For many people, GRE preparation takes between three and six months. The number of hours you need to study for the GRE depends on how quickly you learn and practice problem-solving techniques.The GRE is designed to measure your general aptitude for college-level work, so you'll perform better if you're current. The most important thing is to create and stick to a planned study schedule.

  3. Determine your baseline for improvement: How much time should you spend on GRE prep? It's essential to understand how much study time you need to reach your goals on a test. To get a feel for your scores and general performance on the GRE, make sure to take a full-length GRE mock test online under actual testing conditions. If you get a low score in a specific content area, that means you need to focus on it and strengthen the related skills. Taking GRE practice test questions to get used to the test format: If you're planning on taking the GRE, we suggest you take the GRE practice test with a score under timed conditions. Students feel so much under stress about the GRE that many applicants fail to perform well simply because they are nervous. If you go through GRE mock test online and drills and notice where you're having difficulty, you'll be able to prepare accordingly. GRE mock test ETS will also assist you in learning to pace yourself. These will serve as valuable benchmarks, and taking practice exams is an excellent method to improve testing endurance.

  4. Reviewing your GRE mock test with scores: Review how you're doing on a test-by-test basis. If you feel that the scores accurately reflect what you know or surprised by any results, you must practice seeing what's going well and what's not. It's critical to keep track of your progress because it will objectively assess your study techniques' effectiveness. Studying for GRE sample test questions is a lot more fun if you have a way to measure your progress. After doing a lot of practice questions, you should be able to see which kinds of questions you tend to miss, which type of question you find yourself getting right most of the time and what kinds of common errors you commit in your outline.

  5. Build your Common GRE vocabulary: If you want to get a 790 on the GRE, you need to memorize as many words as possible from the test. It's essential to build a large GRE vocabulary because GRE test vocabulary can be tricky and complex. You can gain familiarity with many of the words that commonly appear on the GRE by reading respected publications like academic journals, magazines, newspapers etc. As and when you come across a new comment, add it to your list.

  6. When in Doubt, trust your instincts: You've come across multiple-choice quizzes when you've narrowed down the alternatives but can't decide between two viable possibilities. You've studied the problem, gathered data, weighed your options, and narrowed them down to two by elimination. That’s the time; you must trust that you will always decide what is best for you. You can be more likely to reach the correct conclusion by trusting your instincts.

  7. Practice using a calculator and without one: On the GRE, you will be given a calculator as part of the on-screen presentation, which can be a big help if used appropriately! The calculator, on the other hand, might be a liability also. Be sure to practice with and without a calculator so that you don't lose points for not answering questions correctly because the calculator did not work.

If you put in the time and effort to follow this strategy, your GRE study techniques will improve. GRE preparation free online is brought to you by Rabbit an international World's First Community Driven Practice Platform for Competitive Exams. If you want to get into your desired program, you should make sure that you're doing the necessary practice to increase your chances. You can become a part of the community by signing up and making a contribution to the site (How it works).

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