Should I Take the GRE Again ?

Posted By : RIA , on 10 Sep, 2021

The GRE is a procedure rather than a one-time event. If you have trouble with the GRE, you should consider retaking it, maybe even more than once. Everyone should count on taking the GRE more than once, except for those who earn a perfect (or near-perfect) score on their first attempt.

Retaking the GRE-for some, it's a luxury they wish to indulge in the hopes of enhancing their chances at top institutions or obtaining additional financing. In contrast, for others, it's a necessity since they need to raise their scores.

You might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • how to start preparing for GRE retake?
  • Should I retake the GRE?
  • Should I do my study through the free GRE preparation website?
  • What if I get a lesser score than I did before?
  • Where can I get free GRE practice tests?

Perhaps your grade does not fulfil the requirements of the university you want to attend. Maybe you did not receive the grade you desired. Perhaps you're sure you didn't study at all the past time and want to try again.

Whatever the situation may be, it is entirely acceptable to consider retaking the GRE. Because, though you may believe you are the only one retaking the GRE in the world of admissions, this is not the case.

Before deciding to retake the GRE and try for a higher score, there are a few things to think about

1. Choosing a GRE primary goal:

Retaking the GRE examination entails repeating the same or even more challenging work. It necessitates a significant amount of effort and patience on your part. As a result, if you wish to retake the examination, you must be highly explicit about why you want to do so. It's ideal if you first figure out if you require a retake. According to the universities to which you are applying, you must attain a specific score. Now, what constitutes a strong GRE score can vary depending on your objectives, but you must set your sights high.

2. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Retaking the GRE:

The following is a broad list of the benefits and drawbacks of retaking the examination.

  • If you were not able to complete the test owing to unforeseen circumstances, you would be given another opportunity to improvise.
  • You can improve your score if you have the chance.
  • Retaking the GRE has no significant impact on your application.
  • Score Select allows you to choose which score to send out in your applications if you have taken the test several times.
  • The test is costly. If you are facing financial difficulties, you must be convinced that it is worthwhile.
  • If you have a tight application deadline, you might want to reconsider taking the test.
  • If you take the test unprepared, you could wind up wasting your time and money.
  • One retest is generally safe, but repeating a lot of tests in a short amount of time may cause your application to look desperate.
3. Getting a scholarship:

It may be worthwhile to retake the GRE if the institutions you're interested in is providing scholarships to students with excellent GRE scores. Otherwise, a score that is even slightly higher than the school's minimum criterion is likely sufficient

4. Managing Time:

It's critical to understand the timelines for retaking the GRE. We now know that the test can be repeated after 21 days. You should, however, double-check that it is well before your application date. If that's the case, you're free to take another test. However, if you receive a retest slot a few days before the application deadline, only take it if necessary.

5. Evaluating your resources:

Another way to think about while deciding whether or not to retest is how much time and money you can afford to study. You need to be continually honing your skills and practice if you want to keep them sharp. If you don't keep on practicing them, you won't use them effectively when you need to. If you haven't adequately prepared for the test, then taking it over and over again will prove to be pointless.

6. Create a plan to reach your goal:

At this point, you should know what areas need attention. You can easily plan your study routine once you have your goals in mind. Because you have taken the test before, you know which subjects you are familiar with. If you're weak in specific topics, start by studying them first.

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