Why Is Rabbit India’s Best platform for Competitive exams preparation?

Posted By : Wixnix , on 13 May, 2022

Why Is Rabbit India's Best Platform for Competitive Exams Preparation? Today, students are paying huge amounts to get admission, secure competitive scores, and have good board exam grades.

Rabbit helps them prepare for their exams for free because it has come together like-minded individuals to form a community. By providing free and effective preparation materials, Rabbit has helped thousands of students prepare for competitive exams.

Available Mock Tests

Rabbit is an online learning platform that provides comprehensive course material, live group practice sessions, custom study planners, and All India Test Series tests. It also offers analytics and real-time feedback. Students can access courses on their laptops or computers. The platform also offers free previous year papers and live sessions, as well as gamified group study options. In addition, the website also offers support from top faculty.

The company was founded with a view to explore and provide free preparation programs to each and expanded its focus to JEE, NEET , GRE , CAT and other job examination preparations. It has a subscription base of more than 100 thousand students across 20 states and 2500 cities. Its’ success story makes it India's leading ed-tech player in the coming days in the competitive exam preparation space, and its growth trajectory shows that it is likely to exceed many users in the next 20 months.

Study Notes

Rabbit has served many job aspirants worldwide. The user interface is designed to simulate a real exam environment and offers the basic analysis of performance. A timeline graph shows how a student is progressing over time. There are more than 100 online courses and 3,000 practice tests available for competitive exams. In addition to practice tests, the platform offers study notes and comprehensive solutions for all questions.

Apart from offering high-quality content, Rabbit offers an open discussion with extensively experienced people out there. Many of its faculty members have taught thousands of students and are adept at explaining difficult concepts. The interactive online classes are supplemented by PDF notes to allow easy revision later. Rabbit also offers practice tests designed by top exam experts, based on the latest patterns of the exams and their actual difficulty levels.

Free Hand-Holding Support

For a successful career in competitive exams, it is important to get the proper study material that can help you score well. Thousands of practice tests are available for free on Rabbitprep. You can practice as many times as you need to, and track your progress by comparing your score with others. You can also ask others for help if you're stuck. And best of all, you don't need to spend a single penny.

Our support help students learn faster and retain more information. The live classes feature interactive quizzes, mind maps, and 24x7 mentor support. Students also have access to mock tests and discussion forums with other students who have been studying with the same materials. The live courses are designed for maximum engagement. In fact, studies conducted on the platform have shown that they are four times more interactive than recorded lessons.

Live Analysis

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, as well as assessing your readiness to confront examination, is critical. It can assist you in developing the best plan. Use the Free Analysis function to see how well you're doing on our free practice tests and to evaluate your results. It allows you to assess your exam readiness and track your progress so that you are well-prepared and well-equipped when the battle begins.

In addition, they provide interactive learning from every residence, using World Class Streaming Technology. Students can access these discussions and programs from any device. This makes them the most convenient option for competitive exam preparation. For more information, visit the official website of Rabbit, to learn more about these live online classrooms. The app is currently available in English.

Free exam preparation

The reason why the online study community is known as Rabbit is that it provides thousands of free practice tests and continues to add new tests daily. Hundreds of thousands of students use the platform to prepare for competitive exams. There are unlimited practice tests and students can view their own progress as well as that of their fellow users. It's the best way to get the best grades possible and score as well as stay ahead of your competition.

The website now covers more than enough cities across India and offers assistance for CAT, IIT JEE, NEET, and GRE preparation programs, with plans to expand this number to 100+ at a later date. It recently passed milestones and is ramping up to reach the magical thousands of users in the next 20 months. This is a sign of a growing community and a solid way to prepare for competitive exams.


If you are aiming to crack any competitive exam, then the rabbit is the right platform for you. The free service it provides is beneficial in two ways. It offers students and teachers a variety of study material, teaching methods, and tests. For those who have forgotten their password, it has a password reset tool for them. Just enter your email id and click the Forgot Password link, and you'll be sent a new one. If you don't receive it, check your spam folder and try again.

One of Rabbit's most unique features is that it is based on an integrated community system. Students and experts interact in rabbit communities to get answers to questions and discuss their experiences. This way, the entire community is supportive and helpful. It makes learning more enjoyable for students and makes exam preparation more fun. The Rabbit community is growing rapidly. It's the first free platform in India to build a community around its students, experts, and mentors.

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