Time Management To Prepare for IITJEE Mains

Posted By : RIA , on 03 Nov, 2021

Engineering is unquestionably one of the most common career choices in India. Almost all students aspire to get admissions into IIT. Most engineering aspirants find it difficult to manage their class studies and prepare for entrance examinations like the JEE.

Students who prepare for exams like the IIT JEE while they're in college face many pressures. Managing their time schedule is one of the most difficult tasks. Many students often complain of not having enough time to study for the boards and the JEE. Smart planning and time management can help solve this challenge. A strong strategy can help you ace both your high school and college exams, as well as the IIT JEE. So here are some suggestions for getting ready:

  • Start as early as possible: One primary mistake student makes is preparing for the exam late in the year or even late in the semester. They are wasting valuable time in this manner. Please make the most of your time by beginning your chapters before being taught at your school or college. If you start early, you'll have more time later to revise.

  • Know your strength: First and foremost, you should know your strengths and weaknesses are; it will be easier for you to move towards your goals. This will assess when you should begin your preparation to allow enough time for revisions and other tasks. Some will take a year and a half, while others will take two to three years.

  • Basic Concepts: You need to be crystal clear with every concept. If you put off resolving your doubts, you may end up with a backlog. As a result, you'll be unsure of which questions to ask and may miss out on critical issues.

  • Prioritize the tasks: Try to learn the subject based on the difficulty you encounter while studying or solving a problem. Prioritize each task based on criteria like Urgent, important, not so important and so on.

  • Balance Each Topic: If you spend two-three hours on every topic, you'll have enough time to study each one thoroughly. Instead of focusing on one subject while neglecting the others, you should strike a balance between all three.

  • Day Schedule: After lessons, you should spend at least 6 hours in total in the evening. The board examination can be done in the morning. Because the material is similar, preparing for the IIT JEE might also help you prepare for the board test. The sole difference between the entrance exams and the boards is that the entrance exams include multiple-choice questions and essay questions.

  • Previous Exam Papers: Test out your knowledge with previous papers. The last few years papers would help determine which themes are common and which have a higher chance of appearing in the exams. Although it is critical to devote equal attention to each issue, this can assist you in maintaining a closer eye on specific topics. Reviewing past papers from previous years will also help you determine what areas you need to work on and better know your subjects.

  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly: A healthy diet and physical activity are perfect for mind-body balance and clarity. Staying mentally engaged with the right level of concentration helps in maintaining focus and reducing stress. This also aids in boosting your memory.

  • Intervals: If possible, take breaks throughout the day so that you can refresh yourself. This will help your mind focus more effectively in your next study session.

  • Consistent attendance in class: Be consistent and on schedule to attend class. If you skip even ten lectures in a year, you would have missed 60 lectures, which means you will have missed at least 50 topics. It will take a long time to make up for the loss.

  • Revise Shortcuts: Keep honing your skills to get better and better. Because the entire syllabus contains many formulas and equations, memorize shortcuts to recall formulas and equations faster.

  • Sign up for an online crash course: Join a crash course for IIT preparation online. You will know your caliber because you will be compared to thousands of pupils from all around the world, in addition to helping you prepare effectively. This will also keep you motivated. Joining an IIT exam preparation online crash course will help save your time and money.

  • Take a Mock Test: It is worthwhile to take an IIT JEE mock test; the more you do, the better you will attack the actual exam.

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