How to Avoid / Reduce Silly Mistakes In NEET / JEE Mains / JEE Advanced 2022

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We all make mistakes from time to time. When I was studying for my examinations, I did them as well. Each student has their own set of errors.The majority of stupid errors are caused by a lack of focus. When taking exams in the examination room, we can become stressed and make mistakes. In this piece of information, we discuss how to avoid silly mistakes in JEE mains. Although this article is not particular about the JEE exam.

The first step is to devise the best strategy for yourself.

IIT JEE 2022 Study Plan Is Missing

Preparing a study plan for JEE main is the first and most important duty for applicants preparing for engineering entrance exams. Those aiming for IIT JEE 2022 mains/advanced should recover their study hours and plan accordingly so that they can hit the target in one shot. If you believe you won't stick to a long-term habit, start with one day at a time and then move up to weekly plans. As a result, progress will be more visible, and candidates will be less likely to fall behind schedule.

With this, we are proceeding towards our next step to be extra attentive.

Lack Of Concentration

Regardless of what is going on around you, your whole focus should be on the computer screen and the questions being asked whether taking JEE main or JEE advanced. Similarly, during preparation, this should be the case. Because a lack of concentration frequently leads to standard JEE mains and advanced blunders. Moreover, tiredness might result in a panic state during the exam for any candidate and aspirant. Let's discuss this point in detail.

Read All Of The Questions Carefully

One of the most common reasons students make silly mistakes is that they don't read the question well enough and overlook important information or misinterpret it. So take your time and read the question thoroughly.

Analyze & Practice

You cannot do well in JEE or any test unless you consistently and diligently practice JEE questions. Your effort, however, does not end there. Analyze the errors you make while solving tasks while you're practicing. Identify and correct each and every mistake you make. If you keep making the same error, you need to understand that notion.

Always Use Pen/Pencil

The majority of silly mistakes occur when we try to solve the problem in our heads rather than writing it down and analyzing it. In this type of problem-solving, we always overlook a fact or two and make a stupid error. As a result, always attempt to answer the question in writing.

Keep Your Mind At Ease

Always maintain mental calm and calm when answering a question. If you are under stress or in a hurry, you will almost certainly miss something important and make a silly error.

Do Meditation

A peaceful brain is a more productive workstation. Meditation is a tried-and-true approach for obtaining inner peace and staying quiet and composed. Peace of mind is, of course, necessary for the brain to function effectively, especially for applicants of tests like IIT JEE 2022. Most aspirants struggle to properly use 50-60% of their study time for preparation, with the balance being squandered due to a lack of awareness, stressing about the future, worrying over goals, or thinking about other activities while attempting to finish another. Anxiety and stress issues can also be treated with the use of meditation.

Recognize Your Errors

Besides these points, the only method to avoid making silly mistakes is to take several practice tests with complete dedication and commitment, which means writing your test as if it were the actual gate. Examine the questions once you've completed the test to see if you made any silly mistakes. Make a list of your silly blunders and try to recall them. You will not repeat the same stupid mistakes in the IIT JEE if you know what kind of silly mistakes you make in the exam ahead of time.

Don't Get Too Tired And Panicked During Exams

Many students have poor exam time management because they never pay attention to it and begin to panic near the end of the exam, resulting in tension and dumb blunders. To avoid this, take as many IIT JEE practice exams as possible to familiarize yourself with the exam setting.

Candidates should be aware that the indications mentioned above are not exhaustive and that much more can be added. Because a procedure that lasts months cannot be summed up in ten common IIT JEE 2022 blunders to avoid. They should, however, take care of all of them to ace the engineering entrance exam.


Simple errors have the power to change everything. IIT JEE isn't much different. A single blunder in JEE mains can result in you losing your spot. Sometimes it's the silly mistakes you make that change the scenario. You won't entirely remove them throughout the exam, but you can always choose to decrease them. Since the IIT JEE test is approaching, knowing how to avoid making silly mistakes would undoubtedly benefit you and help you score higher on the exam. We hope this article on how to avoid silly mistakes in JEE.

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