What was your NEET / AIMS preparation story?

Posted By : Wixnix , on 31 Dec, 2021

It had been a roller coaster ride...with plenty of failures.

My NEET preparation began after I completed mine 10th. I was ignorant of any exam like NEET while in tenth grade. I'd always wanted to be a doctor, so I enrolled in the science stream after tenth grade. Due to budgetary constraints, I could not enroll in any coaching institute, rather I have opted for individual tutions. I felt discouraged and guilty at times, shying away from familiar faces and even avoiding family gatherings. That one and a half months following NEET were quite tricky.

My NEET preparation journey adventure began in 2018. Everyone anticipated having a bright future because I had a 10 cgpa. Everything seemed fine, the lecturers were fantastic, but then came the trial examinations... In these tests, I've found a pattern of failure.

It all started when my father advised m to become a doctor, a befuddled young man. I was determined to attend AIIMS Delhi, but I lacked the essential knowledge at the moment.

I registered in local coaching institutes for Chemistry and Physics... But not for Biology, because I "thought" biology would be simple enough to handle independently. I suppose this was the first misstep I should have avoided.

Then, as I gained experience and a more excellent grasp of the enormous competition I'd be up against, I began to focus more on my academics and completed my +1 courses. I also sought to build on more sturdy foundations.

Because I wasn't taking any biology classes, I had to devote extra time to studying biology.

My physics was good, my chemistry was terrible, and my biology was becoming better.

In eleventh grade, I chose individual tuition lessons for each topic. Many of my family members and relatives, on the other hand, advised me to attend reputable coaching facilities.

My 11th syllabus was completed at the end of the year (as I thought then).

At the start of +2, I took a big step forward and enrolled in a new biology and chemistry coaching institute.

I'm better at planning my studies now, creating a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. I also set small goals for myself (weekly). This greatly aided my ability to stay on track and logically complete the curriculum. I have updated my +1 syllabus to include 12th-grade concepts.

I also subscribed to some of the YouTube channels and took several practice tests. Friends! Mock tests were quite helpful to me at the time. Mock examinations prepare us for the main exam by providing the same environment as we are in the main exam.

The first test result was a shock (an accurate negative result), and I was depressed as a result. Despite this, I grew more determined to pursue my dream AIIMS Delhi. After each test, I noted my errors and the topic, time spent, and OMR filling.

I extended my study hours from 6–7 to 10–11 hours after my boards. I rehearsed a lot of questions, solved problems from past years, concentrated on AR-type questions, and found strategies to solve them.

In this journey of preparation, there are certain things that I am proud of mine. The two most significant points have been grasped.

First and foremost, you should never distrust your teachers.

I never had any doubts about the information my teachers provided. Just remember that they have a lot more experience than you do. They will not teach you incorrectly. Even if you find inconsistencies between what you've prepared and what's written in the book, don't just believe the text; talk to the teachers about it.

Second, believe in yourself.

There will be times when you will be unable to continue. People will have high expectations of you, and you will get unhappy and melancholy as a result. However, you must be courageous in society since certain people try to bring you down. Being brave in front of them would lead to their demise.

Late at night, when everyone else was sleeping, I had my moments. I cried for up to half an hour at a time, but I never gave up.

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