How it Works

Community driven is the keyword when it comes to Rabbitprep. The content on the website is by the community and for the community of Rabbitprep. You can become a part of the community by signing up and making a contribution to the site in the form of exam related problem/problems, or solution/solutions, or both. For each contribution you make, you earn coins that you can use to access the community's entire practice problems repository for a specific period of time. The more coins you collect by making contributions, the more number of days you get to access the entire content.

It's always FREE

Subscribe to a Test

Subscribing to a Test is easy. You can sign up if you are a new user or sign in to your account if you're already a registered user. Using your account, you can subscribe to a variety of Tests (e.g. CAT, GRE, IITJEE) at your disposal. It is that Simple!

If you don't see your target exam in the list, please write to us; we will add support at the earliest.


Contributions, in the form of practice test questions and solutions, from the Rabbitprep community, are invaluable and essential for the community to thrive. Since the platform is community-driven, every member is expected to contribute, as they are mutually beneficial to everyone in the community.

Your contributions help you earn coins that can be used to access the entire practice test exam repository for a specified number of days. The more contributions you make, the more coins you earn. And the more coins you earn, the more days you get to access the community content using those coins. However, for the first 30 days, you are not required to make any contribution.

Please try to maintain quality and accuracy. Your contributions will be reviewed by others in the community before being published.


Practice makes perfect! With thousands of Practice tests at your disposal and many new tests being added every day, Rabbitprep is sure to help you with your exam preparation and propel you to perfection. Practice as much as you want to achieve the goal you've set. Track your progress and also view where others are standing. Improve and repeat!


Understanding your strength and weakness and analysing how prepared you are to face a battle is of paramount importance. It can help you construct the right strategy. Use the Free Analysis feature to know how you are faring at solving our free practice tests and to judge your performance. It helps you analyze your exam-preparedness and track your progress so that when it is time for the battle you are well-prepared and well-equipped.

The Goal

Education for All is the idea at the very core foundation of Rabbit. Rabbit is created with the vision to provide quality and free exam preparation resources to all of its community members.

To secure admission in colleges or to score well in competitive exams, or achieve competitive grades in boards exams, students have to churn out huge amounts of money. For most aspirants, the fees are exorbitant and unaffordable, thus making their dream look unachievable and difficult.

Rabbit aims to mitigate this gap by helping its community prepare for exams free of cost without having to shell out large sums of money. It brings together like-minded individuals to form a community that can help each other towards the path to success.